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Mangrove Ecosystem Change Modeling for Sutainable Costal Environmental Management under the Possible Threat of Climate Change Impact



Mangrove Forest
Mangrove forest in costal Bangladesh
An important basis for effective mangrove ecosystem modeling for sustainable coastal environmental management is to detect the change in mangrove diversity over time so that proper steps can be taken to protect the coastal ecosystem from depletion. In order to protect the coastal environment from over-exploitation, one of the most recommendable methods could be satellite image interpretation, which will provide reliable data covering the entire forest. The present project focuses on the modeling of mangrove diversity for sustainable coastal environmental management using both satellite and ground observation data. Major objectives of the research include:


  1. Prepare forest land cover map at present
  2. Prepare forest land cover map of previous time
  3. Estimating the biomass and carbon content of the forest considering the environmental settings
  4. Finding out the possible threats of climate and/or environmental setting change on forest ecosystem
  5. Examining peoples’ perception of forest exploitation and interaction
  6. Prepare a model of the change in the mangrove ecosystem and predict the future based on internal and external impacts



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