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Rajshahi University, Bangladesh and Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg (University of Education), Germany Partnership Activities


Student Exchange

Students on Iceland
German Students with Prof. Ahmed in front of Solheimajökull (Iceland)


Within the framework of our memorandum of understanding German students of all levels can go abroad or, conversely, their foreign counterparts can come to Germany. In December 2010 five students from Freiburg University of Education have visited Rajshahi University to participate in the International Seminar 2010 on Climate Change and Environmental Challenges of 21st Century. In association with Rajshahi Paramount English School future school teachers can gain teaching experience in Bangladesh.



Academic Staff Exchange


It is of particular interest of both parties to allow university

rural Bangladesh
students crossing bridge in rural Bangladesh
teachers to widen their experiences regarding different academic systems. In the past it has turned out to be effective to organize joint courses, seminars and field trips. In summer 2010 a colleague from Rajshahi accompanied a German group to cold Iceland. On other occasions guest lectures where given in Bangladesh and Germany. Within the next terms research fellows from Bangladesh will be visiting our University to offer common seminars and participate in running research projects.



Projects, Conferences and Publications


Bangladesh and its people are highly vulnerable due to the various effects of

research work
common field research
climate- and land use change. Around this specific field of scientific interest common projects, publications and practical field work are developping.

On the occasion of the International Seminar on Climate Change and Environmental Challenges of 21st Century scientists from Germany were invited to provide presentations on the topics “Climate Change in Iceland” and “Effects of Climate Change in the Alps”. In 2008 our colleague Prof. Ahmed from Rajshahi gave a presentation in Freiburg: “Bangladesh a candle to be lit”. In March 2009 Prof. Falk from Freiburg gave two presentations at RU: “Teaching IT, GIS and GPS in the Geography Classroom” and “Holocene Development of European Coastal Environments”. Further Lectures and Seminars: "Klimawandel und Küste - Land unter in Bangladesch und an der Nordsee?", „Bangladesch - Grenzen der ökologischen Tragfähigkeit“ and „Klima- und Landnutzungswandel in Bangladesch“


Selected Readings:

(1995): Probleme übersiedelter Flussdeltas - Bangladesch und Ägypten (=Geographie wie sie nicht im Buche steht). Gotha (2008): Bangladesh - Enivironment under Pressure. In: Geographische Rundschau International Edition, H. 1,Vol.4, pp 12-20 (2010): Bangladeschs Küste - Lebens- und Wirtschaftsraum unter Druck. In: Praxis Geographie, H. 3 (2010): Climate Change and Land Use Change in Bangladesh. Learning about an Amphibic Country under Increasing Pressure. In: Continents under Climate Change, PIK Report No. 115, p. 80



Field Trips


In 2011 a group of 24 German students enjoyed and learned about Bangladesh during an intense geographical field trip. The programme was kindly organised by our partners from the Institute of Environmental Sciences at RU. Apart from common activities with students from RU in the area of Rajshahi the tour lead the group into the Mangrove Forests of the Sundarbans and into the heart of Dhaka. The main scientific targets were to learn more about geomorphological aspects of the specific deltaic environment, the socio-economic structures of the country, land use and climate change as well as related aspects of vulnerability and adaptation. In future more field trips are planned.


In Bangladesh

Ich ziehe ein kurzes T-Shirt an.
Will Rikscha fahren gehen.
Ich fühle, wie unfair die Welt ist.
Ich kann Armut sehen.
Die Häuser sind nicht angestrichen.
Man hört Lärm in der Luft.
Viel Staub kann man riechen.
Was ist da für ein komischer Duft?
Ich schreibe das, damit ihr wisst,
wie mir traurig zumute ist.


Benedikt, 9 Jahre (jüngster Exkursionsteilnehmer).



Thesis Papers


Both locations offer a vast bundle of options for academic research. One of the running Master Thesis projects tries to find out more about Bangladesh children´s and young adults´ future perspectives, whishes and hopes. For more information see research projects and documents.





We feel our particular responsibility to proliferate our experiences into the general public of both countries. Therefore we encourage all programme participants to visit local school projects, organize classroom activities or publish teaching materials on various academic levels.


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