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Teacher Training Modules at Rajshahi University and University of Education Freiburg


The educational system of Bangladesh is based on British traditions. During the last decades structures as well as curricula have been modified and further developed. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement of methodological and didactic qualifications of teachers in all educational fields. An institutionalized didactical and methodological training for lectures, teachers and researchers in Bangladesh is limited and merely exists within the framework of a general pedagogical education. Courses in subject-specific education and training in terms of a modern professional methodology are not yet established.


The aim of the project is to develop and offer course modules for the didactics and methodology of Geography and other Environmental Sciences. These courses are supposed to be implemented as compulsory components into the curriculum of the partner universities.


Due to the fundamental importance of all climate change related fields faculties at universities in Bangladesh offering specific research and teaching are moving more and more into a key position. Specific didactics and methodology courses offer a valuable qualitative element in the educational context. The courses are not only designed for students but also for professionals already teaching in grammar schools or universities. Due to the specific character of geo- and environmental science research methods and related skills it is of fundamental importance to provide an adequate syllabus of methodological approaches [1].


During the funding period the modules will be developed, evaluated and finally implemented into the curriculum of both universities. The final implementation of the modules will increase the efficiency of teaching and learning at the partner universities in various segments, particularly concerning learning success and structures where students are involved actively.


Another decisive element of the project is the consolidation and development of the existing cooperation between both universities.This will be achieved through the cooperative character of the innovative seminars. Those who are in charge for the modules will gain insights into similar study programs at the German University. This participative approach will build the basis for a cooperative establishment of corresponding study modules at the University of Rajshahi.


Students from Germany and Bangladesh will have the opportunity to take part in these courses either at their home university or abroad.


Furthermore the project provides the opportunity of an extensive integration of lecturers and students from the involved faculties. Participants will plan and prepare the courses collaboratively during the whole project period.

The project is funded by the German Academic Exchange Sevice (DAAD) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.


Steering Group: Prof Dr. Raquib Ahmed, Prof. Dr. Gregor C. Falk, Chandan Roy, Shafiul Alam, Monoj Kumar, Michael Müller



[1] These are skills concerning the methodology of field trips, implementation of scientific experiments in teaching, teaching of geographic information technology, using GPS devices or the appropriate use of satellite images in an educational context.


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