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Climate change and land use change in Bangladesh. An amphibic country under increasing pressure.


Ahmed, R. and Falk, G. C. (2008): Bangladesh – Environment under Pressure. In: Geographische Rundschau International Edition, Vol.4, pp 12-20

Falk, G. C. (1995): Probleme übersiedelter Flussdeltas - Bangladesch und Ägypten (=Geographie wie sie nicht im Buche steht). Gotha

Falk, G. C. (2010): Climate Change and Land Use Change in Bangladesh. Learning about an Amphibic Country under Increasing Pressure. In: Continents under Climate Change, PIK Report No. 115

Falk, G. C. (2010): Bangladeschs Küste - Lebens- und Wirtschaftsraum unter Druck. In: Praxis Geographie, H. 3

Falk, G. C. (2011): Deltawachstum trotz Meeresspiegelanstieg - Entwarnung für Bangladesch? In: Klett Magazin Terrasse, H. 1, S. 9-13


Falk, G. C. (2012): Delta Growth despite a rise in Sea Level - Has Bangladesh got the all-clear?




Migration due to Climate Change in Coastal Regions of Bangladesh - Does it really exist?


Azam, M. (2011): Factors Driving Environmentally Induced Migration in the Coastal regions of Bangladesh.


Falk, G. C. & Azam, M. (2012): Migration Due to Climate Change. Does it really exist? (presentation)


Falk, G. C. (2012): Binnenmigration in Bangladesch. Landbevölkerung in der Küstenzone als Globalisierungsopfer im Spannungsfeld ökonomischer Interessen. In: Südasien - Gleichzeitigkeit des Ungleichzeitigen. Praxis Geographie, H. 9, S. 20-24


Falk, G. C. (2013): Vom Feld in die Textilfabrik - Die Landbevölkerung in der Küstenzone Bangladeschs als Globalisierungsopfer im Spannungsfeld ökonomischer Interessen.




Mangrove ecosystem change modeling for sustainable coastal environmental management under the possible threat of climate change impact


Ahmed, R. (2007), Optical remote sensing and the forest eco-environment change monitoring, Proceedings of the Bangladesh Electronics Society, pp. 17-21.

Ahmed, R. and Wolf, W. (2002), “Geo-informatics and the Coastal Hazard Management in Bangladesh”, Proceedings of the Ecotone X: Ecosystem Valuation – for Assessing

Ahmed, R. and Roy, C. (2006), “Calibration of optical satellite data for coastal bathymetric mapping”, the Journal of the Life and Earth Sciences, Vol. 02, No. 01, pp. 7-16. Published from Rajshahi University.




Master Thesis`, Projects and Teaching Materials


Bertsch, J. (2011): Zukunftsorientierung von Jugendlichen in Bangladesch - untersucht im räumlichen Kontext der Provinzstadt Rajshahi.


Schmidt, L. (2011): Gender specific disparities in Bangladesh | Genderspezifische Disparitäten in Entwicklungsländern, dargestellt am Beispiel Bangladesch.


Zelter, S. (2012): Die Bekleidungsindustrie in Bangladesch | ein Mystery für die 4. - 6. Klasse




Links to related websites


German Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh | visite this website when planing a trip to Bangladesh or Germany. You can also get further information about Germany there.



German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development | The aim of development cooperation is to give people the freedom to shape their own lives, by making their own decisions and taking responsibility for them, without suffering material hardship.



NETZ | Partnership for Development and Justice, in short NETZ, is a charitable and independent organisation registered in Germany and Bangladesh.


South Asia Study Group | Target of the Study Group on South Asia in the German Geographical Society (DGfG) is to provide a platform for geographers based in Germany with regional focus on South Asia. This includes exchange on research projects of various sub disciplines as well as on current processes in the region. Further, we want to facilitate a dialogue between geographers in schools, research institutions and applied geographers.



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