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Hydro-meteorological Vulnerability in the Coastal Belt of Bangladesh: Strategies for Risk Reduction by Education and Increased Awareness.


Coastal belt of Bangladesh is most vulnerable to hydro-meteorological disasters due to a number of hydro-geographic and geological features like geographical location,

Cyclone Damage
Super Cyclone SIDR, Photo Courtesy: WHO
flat deltaic topography with sea-facing low elevation, extreme tropical climate variability, unstable tropical atmospheric condition and regional setting.


The hydro-meteorological disasters which usually occur in Bangladesh include flood, drought, tropical cyclone and storm surge, untimely rainfall, riverbank erosion, landslide, storm, salinity intrusion, tornado and sea level change etc.

The real development is not possible without mainstreaming disaster risks reduction programmes in the development process.

Hassan Bipul/DFID
That is why, to successfully live with disaster and to develop disaster risks reduction initiatives, priority emphasis must be given to disaster related education as an essential part of long-term disaster mitigation and management strategies.



Disaster education can make the people at risks informed of how to save own life, family, property and environment from the deadly impact of hydro-meteorological disasters.


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