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Human Environment Systems - Research Fields (Climate Change, Land Use Change, Migration)


Bangladesh is an environmentally stressed land of high man/resource imbalance and thus the variety of different interests are hard to manage. The stability of the human environment system is further threatened by the possible impact of climate change and its consequences. Within the regional South Asian context the most prominent aspects are the dramatically shrinking natural resources, an increasing population with expanding need for economic development and manifold impacts of land use and climate change. On the one hand environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources are often related to poverty and over-population, on the other hand the industrialization of traditional agricultural practices (eg. for the production of cash stocks like shrimps) has far reaching consequences.





Society in Transition – Research fields (Education, Urbanisation, Economy, Gender Aspects)


The society of Bangladesh is in a process of transition. For many centuries people had been living in traditional male- dominated rural structures, mainly characterized by self sustainable agriculture and relatively poor educational backgrounds. In the context of democratization, economic modernization and globalization, established structures are breaking up and role models changing. Education becomes more and more important and the opportunities for women improve. Urban environments grow exponentially and occupation patterns are fundamentally altered.


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